What is there to do in Zutphen and Warnsveld?

Are you interested in going out? In this event calendar, you can see what there is to do in Zutphen and Warnsveld. Zutphen attracts visitors from far and wide to its annual chocolate festival in September and the National Bokbier (Bock Beer) day in October. Every two years the city celebrates the cello during the International Cello Festival and, in Warnsveld, you can enjoy a fairytale gondola tour. The historic city centre forms a stunning backdrop for the many festivals, performances, and expositions (in the summertime, you can see the internationally famous, World Press Photo exhibition for three weeks in St. Walburga’s Church). There are plenty of outdoor activities for both young and old as well. All small or large events, exhibitions, and tips for going out are in this calendar.

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1 June, 8 June

Mrs. Lowry and Son
Mrs. Lowry and Son

2 June, 4 June and 2 more days

Filles de Joie
Filles de Joie

3 June, 5 June and 2 more days

Snelheid verstilt
expositie snelheid verstilt

3 June until 12 July

Aanschuifontbijt Broodcafé

28 June, 26 July and 9 more days