Interested in taking a day trip? Pay a visit to Zutphen then. During a day in Zutphen, you can enjoy this city that is overflowing with culture and history.

A complete day trip

Picturesque Zutphen has been an artists heaven for ages. Zutphen boasts museums with unique collection

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Set sail on an electric boat and discover the most beautiful locations along the canals and the river Berkel

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"Welcome to my town, welcome in Zutphen"

Hanseatic City Zutphen - Historic centre, culture, unique shops, fortifications, events

Zutphen, located along the Berkel and the IJssel rivers, is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The city has a rich history, many traces of which can be seen in its centre. Churches, parts of fortifications, stately warehouses, and merchant homes are still around to be admired. This beautiful architecture forms the backdrop for a lovely mix of shops, restaurants, events, and cultural attractions. Pay a visit to the unique stores and specialist shops and take a breather at one of the many casual dining options, restaurants, and cafés. You are also welcome to stop by the galleries and studios that you will see all over the city.

Get to know Zutphen - So much to see and do

St. Walburga’s Church & the Librije

The 75-metre-tall tower of the impressive St. Walburga’s Church on the medieval ‘s-Gravenhof offers you a stunning view over the city. One of the many things you can admire in the church is a rare, 14th-century chandelier. The church also houses the Librije, a medieval chained library, one of just three that have been preserved in Europe.
St. Walburga’s Church and the Librije are open from April to September.

Walking tour

Discover Zutphen through a walking tour on your own or get to know the city on a tour led by an experienced guide.

Unexpected oases

The picturesque courtyards in the city centre form peaceful oases. The courtyard walking tour by VVV Zutphen will take you past these.

The taste of Zutphen

Ready to take a break and eat something delicious? In Zutphen, there are restaurants, casual dining options, and cafés for any taste.

Tourist information

You can find useful information about Zutphen on this website and at VVV Zutphen on Houtmarkt 75 in the city centre.